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  • Vinegar Cleaning: The Best And Cheap Green Home Cleaning Agent

  • Today we have a guest post from Serven Wilson. Vinegar is one of our favorite topics, and as such we have covered a ton of uses for it. However, we thought it would be nice to get a different perspective on the subject. Enjoy.

    There are perhaps more than one million uses of amazingly useful vinegar. The most popular of these is no doubt making salad dressings but vinegar is matchless as a home cleaner as well. Furthermore, vinegar is the most important ingredient of “green cleaning” and is nontoxic and cheaper as compared to manufactured cleaning products as well.

    Vinegar Cleaning: Uses of Vinegar for Green and Cheap Cleaning:

    Following lines explain how you can use vinegar to clean your house in cheaper and greener method.

    • Sink, Tubs and Floors:

    Vinegar can act as a sensational and equally useful substitute of the commercial scrubs used to clean floors, tubs and sinks. You just need to mix enough vinegar with a tablespoon of liquid soap and a cup of baking soda and the mixture will

    White Vinegar

    Vinegar Cleaning Tips

    clean of any stains within seconds.

    • Counter Cleaning:

    Vinegar is also a great counter cleaner as well. Again you will have to pour undiluted white vinegar on a clean cloth and rub it over the counters to fresh them up in style and with minimal effort.

    • Vinegar for Laundry:

    The washing of clothes will become extremely easy if you add a quarter cup of vinegar to your laundry load.  This mixture will not only help you to get rid of static clings but will also soften fabrics that become much easy to be cleaned.

    • Vinegar as a Window Cleaner:

    Vinegar is also extremely good glass cleaner and therefore, can be used to clean most of the windows in your home. You will mix it with water in a spray bottle, sprinkle the mixture on the glass that will sparkle like a star.

    • Remove Gum:

    Perhaps the most difficult part of the home cleaning is to remove gums and similar things from floor and walls. However, if you heat white vinegar and put it on the gum, it will dissolve within seconds making your surface neat and clean.

    • Clean Water Rings On Wood:

    Water rings on home equipment made up of wood look extremely ugly. Again, vinegar makes it very simple for you to remove these rings from the wood. In this regard, you need to mix equal amount of vinegar and olive oil and apply the mixture to the rings with the help of a clean cloth and watch them disappear.

    • Clean your Drains:

    If you have got a stagnant and smelling drain in your house, you can clean it of any rubbish by pouring a cup of baking soda followed by a cup of hot white vinegar. Afterwards, wait for few minutes and then run the water down and the drain will be devoid of any bad smell.

    • Rust Cleaner:

    Vinegar is a great cleaning substance to remove rust from rusty tools and equipment. You just need to soak them in the vinegar and wait for overnight to get rid of the rust. However, as vinegar can corrode the metal itself, therefore you need to rinse and rub the metal properly in the morning to clear vinegar completely as well.


    Above mentioned are some of the great benefits of vinegar as far as home cleaning is concerned. These methods are not only cheap but free of any toxins that are commonly found in commercial cleaning products.

    Author’s Bio:

    Serven Wilson is a home décor and cleaning expert and gives his valuable opinion on related topics like how to print photos to canvas to preserve them forever. He works for wall canvas prints store offering home décor items in cheap rates.